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Today, I am going to review and giveaway a book that came to print only a few short weeks ago. It is a must have for any mindful parent’s bookshelf. It’s about parenting, it’s about social norms, and it’s about changing the way we are with our children.

Parenting for Social Change by Teresa Graham Brett is a wonderful, thoughtful, and honest book for any parent who wants to change and transform their parenting from a place of control, to a place of respect and dignity. Teresa offers her experience, her insight, and her authentic self from her own journey from parental control to parental partnership. Her writing is informative, clear, and cites valuable research on how dominance damages children. She challenges us to question our own social views and how we may treat children as “adults-in-training”, rather than human beings with their own right to expression, opinion, and choice. I see so much of myself in her stories and examples as a former authoritarian parent. But, I must say, societal messages are so pervasive, as are our messages from childhood, that even the most peaceful of parents would benefit from reading this book to re-examine the subtleties of conditional love. Here is one of my favorite paragraphs from her book, pg. 96:

“Let’s be clear: our work as parents isn’t about doing things differently so our children will change. It’s not about finding the magic words or methods that will ensure compliance and eliminate disagreements. Instead, it’s about examining ourselves so that we can see how our ways of being with children have been constrained by our previously held beliefs, values, and attitudes. We do this so that we can experience authentic relationships with the children we love so that they can live their own lives, free of our baggage.”

I actually met Teresa last year at the Rethinking Everything unschooling conference in Texas last September. She is one of the most gentle and authentic people I have ever met. I am so honored to have been able to share this book with you, and am equally honored to offer a chance for you to own a copy.

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