Articles: Tools for Changing Your Relationships with Children

As parents, there are a variety of ways we can create the internal change needed to transform our relationships with the children who share our lives. Below are articles addressing some of the ways we can move away from control and domination toward trust and respect.

Creating a Deliberate Practice of Loving
Even though we may fall in love
with the children in our lives,
we have to learn how to love them.

A New Vision of Childhood
Creating and living a new vision of

Critical Reflection
The role of critical reflection in

Using mindfulness to transform the
dynamics between parent and child.

Perspective Taking
How really seeing a child’s perspective
can change our views and our actions as parents.

Inner Authority vs. Outer Authority
Explore how we’ve become disconnected from our inner authority and how we are
on a journey to reconnect to
our inner voice.

Learning from Triggers
Moments of frustration…how the times
when we are triggered by the children
who share our lives are an opportunity for transformative learning.

Transformative Learning
Transformative learning as parents is
the key to moving beyond our past experiences into the present.

Feelings of Disempowerment
Exploring our own experiences of
disempowerment to understand how
we can move forward from them.

Trap of Expecations
How our expectations set us for disappointment and move us away
from the relationship we desire
with ourselves and children.