The Ripple Effect (and my birthday!)

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone here.

Why? Because it’s my birthday and I’m celebrating. And instead of keeping it quiet, as I usually do, I want to share it with you.

It’s become apparent to me, that when we Parent for Social Change it leads us to invest in connected movements and causes. It’s a beautiful and powerful ripple effect that I have seen and felt over the last several years in very deep ways. These connections have changed the core of who I am.

One of the ripple effects of Parenting for Social Change is a project with an organization in South Africa. It’s called Alliance for Parenting Education in Africa and they are doing incredible work to effect systemic change in their communities.

In Cato Manor, South Africa, they have been engaging parents and teachers in Iziko (parenting circles) to learn from one another. APEA is training parents and teachers to facilitate and participate with a focus on child development, peaceful parenting practices, as well as reflective practices to understand the impact of social norms that reinforce violence against children. And this is just Phase 1!

So for my birthday, I am going to donate $300 to APEA. I’m inviting you to join me and contribute to this cause as well. Every little bit helps, and when you contribute to APEA you are helping other parents transform childhood, transform the world.

Join me in helping other parents step into this journey that we are both on, and contribute here.

Donations are being collected through APEA’s U.S. non-profit partner Families for Conscious Living/Kindred Media. Every dollar donated will go directly to the grassroots parenting programs in South Africa and Botswana.

My deepest heartfelt thanks to you, as I celebrate my birthday this week and the connections we have made together.

P.S. How do you celebrate your birthday? I’d love to know! Leave a comment and let me know how you honor yourself and your life.

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