Kind Words

I have had the honor of working with some of the most inspirational parents and educators across the world. I am humbled by their words and feedback.

It was wonderful connecting with you and receiving support to move out of the box. Your work is important and groundbreaking. Thank you! ~Savannah Hanson, Marriage and Family Therapist, mom

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Your professional experience in social justice education with university students applied then to your own mothering path is the most fresh, insightful and unique parenting support work I have seen! I can’t wait to work together over the coming months. ~Lisa Reagan, Executive Editor, Kindred Community, mom

Wow. This is the best thing I’ve read in weeks. Everything in this article resonates SO deeply within me… Once again, Teresa Graham Brett is my spirit whisperer. ~Kristie

Thank you soooo much for all you’ve been writing and recording lately. It’s immensely helpful on my journey and practice of parenting. ~Anne

Attending Teresa’s immersion workshop on Liberation Parenting was one of the most impactful things I’ve ever done for myself. Teresa is an amazing woman who is gentle and skilled at helping you to draw out “stuff” you may not even know is lurking there!

The session was emotionally charged and hugely insightful and I walked out able to recognize the triggers that cause me to fall back on old learned habits. I haven’t experienced anything like it before or since. It was a really raw and authentic session that was so worthwhile for everyone who attended. ~Mellissa

It was my first year at Rethinking Everything and I had many insightful and eye-opening conversations. But one that stays ingrained in my mind is the session with Teresa Brett and the group she facilitated.

We shared our past, especially painful experiences that had left us wanting for acceptance. There was a calmness and quiet empathy about Teresa. Her compassionate disposition made it easy for me to share my past, a lot of which I hadn’t discussed with even some of my closest friends and family.

Teresa’s personal trials of parenthood gave me hope that I could be the parent I’ve always wanted to be. She simply pointed out how our actions as parents emanated from the conditional love that we may have received in our own childhoods. She helped our own stories flow and fill the room. Here we were- people from various backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles, bound by a need to give that unconditional acceptance to our children that we now know is at the very core of happiness.

Thank you Teresa, for listening, and saying only what you needed to. “Feel before you think” is now my gentle reminder for gentle parenting. ~Archana Vasisht

I wanted to take a quick second and say thank you for the intentionality and care with which you bring to your work. When you asked me the question last week, it sparked a week of critical reflection and decision making. ~Hannah Lozon

I’ve been working with Teresa for the past year. She has been a shining light, a mediator, a mentor, and an inspirational force. She’s been a source of support and validation, and also challenged me to see and explore topics in ways I hadn’t previously considered.

She surpassed my expectations through her ability to take a holistic approach to each and every situation, and to address issues with the open mind and heart of someone who can combine years of leadership experience with the ability to deeply listen and engage multiple viewpoints.

It is through conversations with Teresa that I’ve developed a deeper understanding of my own personal and professional goals and the courage to redefine my values and career path. I look forward to working with Teresa because it is always an opportunity to connect with a brilliant thinker and a calm, grounded spirit. ~Maria Moore

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I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. What a help it was to find new tools/habits to help us through our difficult times. I am so excited about our journey and so happy to have folks, like you, to support us along the way!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~Leslie

Thank you, Teresa, for helping us see a better way to parent. I learned so much from you… It has stayed with me and allowed our family to be so much more peaceful and connected. ♥ ~Carolyn