Bring me out!

TBrettHeadshot-24croppedOne of my favorite activities is traveling this amazing world to work with groups of parents or professionals (or both!). I am honored that much of my work falls between academia, social sciences, psychology, and social change movements. Below you can see a list of my past speaking engagements.

I am available for keynote presentations, workshops, group facilitation, and more.

Here are just a few areas of my expertise:
– The social construct of the parent-child dynamic and how that influences the way we accept oppression in our world
– Building healthy, collaborative, deeply respectful relationships with youth
– Reparenting the child within us
– Radical compassion for social justice
– Freedom from the oppressor within
– Engaging our hearts, minds, and souls to redefine the parent-child relationship
– Eliminating Conflict between parents and children
– After the Blow-up: Dealing with blame, shame, and guilt

Bring me to your group or event! I’d love to support you.
Just send an email to: tbrett ~AT~ parentingforsocialchange ~DOT~ com.

A Few of My Upcoming and Past Speaking Engagements

Life Without Instructions Conference
Stanton Island, NY
September 19-22, 2016

This will be my second year at LWI. A truly international conference with life learners from around the world. Join me this fall as I present on three topics: The Impact of Unconscious Bias on Our Relationships, Supporting Introverts in an Extroverted World, and The Value of Quitting (which, yes, I’ve done many time). I look forward to connecting with new folks and reconnecting with last year’s attendees.

Rethinking Everything Conference
Little Rock, Arkansas
August & September, 2014

I had an amazing time at Rethinking Everything, as both a participant and presenter. I led two workshops on Radical Compassion for Social Justice and Freedom from the Oppressor Within. This was my third year presenting at Rethinking Everything, and it remains a wonderful place for families to join together in community for inspiration, and transformation. Each year this conference creates opportunities for me to rethink, connect, and grow with others.

Un in the Sun: Florida Unschooling Conference
St. Pete Beach, Florida
October 2014

“Imagine a place where kids are encouraged and supported in pursuing their interests, dreams, and ideas. Where respect is not just for adults, but for kids and teens as well. The smiles on the faces are contagious. Where your “radical’ ideas of partnering with your children and allowing them to learn from the real world around them are not just accepted but supported and encouraged.”

Our entire family attended, and I was thrilled and honored to be a guest speaker as well as a workshop presenter throughout the 4 days. Information about the conference here.

Social Justice for Professional Staff
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
July 2014

I facilitated a 2 day training for the Residence Education Professional Staff at one of the premiere colleges in the nation. This training included reflection, interactive activities, discussion, and strategic planning for their future projects.

Mindful Justice: Cultivating the Courage of Radical Compassion
Tucson, Arizona
December 2013 & January 2014

Liberating ourselves from the internalized disempowerment we experience in our culture requires radical engagement and presence. This community group brought me in to help lead their mindfulness practice as part of their inner work that results in outer action.

The teacher of the class gave this feedback:

“What a delight to work with Teresa Brett! Her knowledge, wisdom, and compassion were in evidence from our first meeting and right through the development and presentation of our program on Mindful Justice. I know that everyone who was involved in the planning, as well as those who participated in our event, learned much from our time shared with Teresa. I look forward to working with her again.”

– Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio, Empty Mountain Sangha / Tucson Mindfulness Practice Community

The Dialogue Institute
University of Arizona
June 2012

I facilitated this 2 day interactive experience for staff who were interested in increasing their capacity to promote diversity and inclusion on campus. During our time together, professionals engaged with each other and with new ideas, which resulted in important conversations about culture, social identities of themselves and their students, and the impact of those factors on their day to day work.