Alliance for Parenting Education in Africa

I am beyond excited and honored to be part of Alliance for Parenting Education in Africa (APEA).

APEA is a Non-profit organization that works to create a morally and socially upright African society through empowering parents, families and societies in parenting education. Based in South Africa, APEA aims to join hands with partners on character development (schools, churches, businesses, youth organizations, and the media) to curb various forms of antisocial behaviour that results from parenting dynamics, not only in South Africa but in the entire continent of Africa.

To achieve this goal, APEA has put together a set of programs that will systematically impart skills to parents, families, teachers, communities and nations in Africa. Such programs include educational programmes (study circles and school activities), local leaders’ workshops, resource centers for students and parents, community campaigns, and advocacy programs.

Alliance for Parenting Education Africa Mission
• To join hands with existing forces to raise morally upright leaders, managers, and professionals in all spheres of life

• To create an opportunity for parents, families, educators, communities and nations to reflect on their norms around parenting and the consequences of their actions on children and society.

• To create a culture in which core values of equality are promoted

Additionally, 100% of profits from my online Liberation Parenting course go to APEA.

That’s right – I believe in this work SO STRONGLY that I’m more than happy to give away all of my profits. This is the work I love to do – provide you with amazing content and support that in turn helps fund a project that educates and empowers parents across the world. It’s my kind of heaven.

If you’d like to purchase the Liberation Parenting course, and as a result also help the APEA mission, click here to learn more and to dive in.

Or if this project speaks to you and you’d like to make a donation, you can donate here.

Many, many thanks.

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