How to Shift the “Parent” Stereotype

Growing up, we received constant messages around
what parents are supposed to do, and what they’re not supposed to do.
And whether we actively acknowledge it or not, the stereotypes
are always at play in the back of our minds.

I offer three tips to shift the power struggle between ourselves and the “parent” stereotype in this 8 minute video. Enjoy!


To listen to the audio, click below.

Bonus PDF: Daily Practice: Shifting Stereotypes

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing what this brings up for you.


3 Comments on “How to Shift the “Parent” Stereotype

  1. Hi Teresa…wow. This is bringing up a different view for me. To be honest, I didn’t think I had many stereotypes when it comes to parents and kids – but I do. I definitely feel like I’m always supposed to know what to do, AND that I’m responsible for their behavior – and that gets triggered big time in me when they say or do something that (to me) comes out of no where. ex: “I HATE YOU!” – the “shoulds” as you say, come flooding in.

    I’m going to try out the suggestions you provided, and I think even just being aware that the messages are just that…messages. Hmm…I’ll be thinking on this for a while.

  2. Thanks Teresa!
    I love these videos. They came at a good time. Making these shifts do feel uncomfortable especially at first (like learning a new way to eat or exercise) but the more I work through the feelings & discomfort the easier it gets. Thanks so much for making these videos available <3


    • Christine, it is a daily practice! And the more we do it the easier it becomes to use the tools. So glad to see you here!

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