Individual Consultations

Do you sometimes feel alone in your journey as a parent?

Do you feel as though you are surrounded by friends and family who judge your “alternative” parenting style or who suggest you use time-outs and other discipline methods that feel wrong?

Do you feel like you want to grow and stretch even more as a parent?

Are you struggling with hitting the same blocks as a parent over and over?

It was wonderful connecting with you and receiving support to move out of the box. Your work is important and groundbreaking. Thank you! ~Savannah Hanson, Marriage and Family Therapist, mom

Parenting from a place of trust and respect is a challenge in a culture that believes that parents must use control and power over children.

The predominant models of parenting we see and experience don’t support our journey away from control toward trust and respect.

Sometimes you need that extra push to go deeper to sustain the change you are trying to make in your parenting.

Teresa is an amazing woman who is gentle and skilled at helping you to draw out “stuff” you may not even know is lurking there! The session was emotionally charged and hugely insightful and I walked out able to recognize the triggers that cause me to fall back on old learned habits. I haven’t experienced anything like it before or since. It was a really raw and authentic session that was so worthwhile for everyone who attended. ~Mellissa

During our one-on-one consultations:

  • You will get tools for transforming your thinking and actions to support your vision of living with trust and respect with children.
  • You will gain greater understanding of how and why the actions of children trigger you.
  • You will be able to move through the frustration (maybe even shame or guilt) that can come when your actions as parent do not live up to your vision of who you want to be.

Why hire a consultant?

A consultant brings an outside perspective and expertise to your situation. Sometimes we are just too close to something to find our way out. A consultant can also help to bring focus to the underlying issues that may be causing you struggle, especially when you seem to be hitting the same blocks over and over.

I’ve been an individual, group, and organizational consultant for over 15 years. My consulting style is to get a comprehensive understanding of your concerns by asking lots of questions. I listen deeply and am able to connect the dots between your experiences and challenges to see common threads. I then offer tools and strategies to move through your current situation and create greater understanding so that you are able to do the same for yourself.

Cost of one-on-one consultations:

1 hour consultation rate: $75 per hour

4 hour consultation block: $280 (can be split into multiple sessions)

Service inquiry: 15 minutes (no charge)

Once you purchase a consultation you will receive an e-mail from me with my phone number and e-mail so that we can set up your time as soon as possible.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. What a help it was to find new tools/habits to help us through our difficult times. I am so excited about our journey and so happy to have folks, like you, to support us along the way!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~Leslie

Purchase a 1-hour consultation for $75

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Purchase a 4-hour consultation block for $280

Consultation blocks can be split according to your needs. At the end of consultation session I will send you an e-mail with how much time has been used and how much you have left.

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I am generally available for consultation times between 12 noon and 10 p.m. Mountain Time. Other times are also available on an as needed basis for parents living outside the U.S. Contact me at tbrett  {at} if you have additional questions about my consulting services.