Kindred Media: Sharing the New Story of Childhood, Parenthood, and the Human Family


My journey with Kindred Media began when I joined as a contributing writer, then editor. I was honored to join the Board of Directors as a member to support the broader strategic mission of Kindred’s non-profit organization, Families for Conscious Living. 2014 was a big year for Kindred as we launched the Kindred Parent Liberation Alliance and Project.

In January 2015, Kindred launched its virtual retreats for 2015, Parenting as a Hero’s Journey. I will be your guide for the July 2015 Virtual Retreat.

Rated as a top non-profit in 2014, Kindred Media serves as a gathering place for families to explore and share their experiences of writing a new story of childhood, motherhood, fatherhood and the ever changing and evolving adventure of being fully human. Kindred means to be ‘of kin’ or ‘of clan’…the recognition that we all belong to this big human family. To treat someone as kin, as kindred, means we treat them with a particular familial warmth and generous responsibility.

Kindred Media courageously explores social, political, spiritual, global and environmental issues. Kindred also recognizes the inherent importance and worth of our shared custodianship of the future of our world through our children, not only as parents but also as members of the human community. We support the task of conscious parenting through considering the needs of children and parents within a world that is rapidly changing.

Understanding that there are immense forces through which we direct our lives and make our own choices, Kindred respects each parent’s unique journey and the choices made along the way. We understand that there is no formula for meeting each person’s individual challenges and therefore trust each parent’s innate ability to know and intuit what is right for their child, for themselves and their families.