From My Heart to Yours

Parenting for Social Change
Although much of my energy these past weeks has been focused on my Transform program, the recent events in Baltimore are weighing heavily on my heart and mind.

A lesson I learn over and over, as I watch the news, read inspirational commentary, and connect to my heart, is this:
I cannot make sense of what is senseless.

So for those who choose to read this, know that I write as much for myself as I do for you. To try and find my own role in the world and to carve out space for you to find yours.

I want to be aware of my own responsibility in all of this.

I want to examine and be held accountable for the ways I enact and re-enact power, control, and domination over those around me who have less power.

My greatest work is to not just sit with the ways that I have experienced the hammer of domination, but how at the same time, I also wield it.

I see others as the enemy because I am trained to.
But to understand how to eliminate oppression I must understand the ways it lives within me and how I use it both consciously and unconsciously when I am in fear and feel threatened.

The more that I am able to do this within myself, the more that I can work toward creating that consciousness outside of myself with others, the more that I can begin to see the humanity of each person who is different from me.

My heart is heavy but I know that the journey is powerful.

We have the ability within us to see ourselves in the “other,” those whom we were trained to see as our enemy. We can undo the dehumanization that leads us to act on others in unjust ways. That journey begins within me, and within each of us.

And despite the weariness of the journey, I have hope. And I truly appreciate each of you for being with me.

With love, peace and justice in my heart!



The words of Cornel West, I hold in my heart every day, “Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”



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