Adultism: The Hidden Toxin Poisoning Our Relationships with Children

We are a culture whose view of parenting, children, and childhood is rooted in adultism. Adultism is the silent, hidden toxin in our child-adult relationships and in our culture.

Unlearning Adultism

By unlearning adultism we create a foundation to establish relationships with children based on mutual respect, trust, and freedom.

Children are the Mirror for Our Internal Work as Parents

Our culture defines the adult-child relationship from a core of control, fear, and mistrust. Conflicts with children become power struggles, but they don’t have to be.

A New Vision of Children and Childhood

When I began my journey as a parent, I was determined to avoid the mistakes of my parents and my own childhood. I was determined to create freedom of expression (especially emotions) in my home. I wanted the… Read More

Mindful and Just Parenting: Cultivating the Courage of Radical Compassion

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Q&A: How do I handle this parenting guilt?

I’m jumping right into this Q&A today because it’s a big topic.   So big, in fact, that I have received this question for years. “Teresa, how do I handle this parenting guilt?” Before I answer this question, I want… Read More