Mindful and Just Parenting: Cultivating the Courage of Radical Compassion

Although I have written about the research on the positive effects of mindfulness and presence in my book and in several articles, today focus is slightly different. I want to address that aspect of mindfulness that is the… Read More

A Must Use Tool in Parenting

I’m going to be vulnerable here, and completely honest. Before I was “Teresa of Parenting for Social Change,” I was “Teresa, what the hell is going on in my family?!”

Frustration, Anger, and Rage: The Power of Resistance

It is the end of a long night with little sleep. As Rob walks out the door to go visit a friend, I realize I am at the end of my rope. I feel like I have nothing… Read More

Controlling Children’s Media Access Part One:

Challenging What We Think We Know This article was originally published in Home Education Magazine September-October 2012. Like so many parents who have made the choice to not send children to school, I spent a lot of time… Read More

Stop Battling Yourself

Last week in my email newsletter, I asked for help through a survey. Many of you took your time to fill it out, and I deeply appreciate your thoughts and insights. (If you haven’t filled it out yet,… Read More

Conversations About Race

I want to talk about fear today. In particular, I want to talk why we’re afraid to have conversations about race. So here I am, sitting with fear myself right now. I feel it in my stomach and… Read More