Read the Reviews of Parenting for Social Change: Transform Childhood, Transform the World

From C. Alvarez “kali mama”:

I think every parent or parent to be in this country should read this book. Teresa Brett shows us her own process as a mother striving to transform her relationships with her children into that of mutual respect by carefully examining her motives when interacting with her children. I like how she has used her life long involvement with human rights activism and applied it to children in a world which has never seemed to treat children as exactly human in the respect that we do not SEE our children nor do we HEAR them and all we want is control of them. This book is timely and ground breaking.

From Wendy Preisnitz, Life Learning Magazine, March/April 2011 issue:

I have long stated that respecting children is one aspect of working for social change that many progressives ignore. But this book makes an eloquent and convincing case for the long-term benefits of creating respectful and supportive relationships with children.

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From Bob Collier, The Parental Intelligence Newsletter, February 13, 2011:

This is a book that took courage to write and it deserves kudos for that to begin with. The depth of analysis is superb. This is a book that uses both personal experience and current research to get a very firm grip on the structure of conventional controlling parenting and exposes its ultimate failings with clear logic. The complete package. Yes, excellent. Continue to the entire review….


From Christine Yablonski, Living the Unschooling Life Blog, February 18, 2011:

Teresa Graham Brett has written a book for parents who have the best intentions to develop a loving parenting style, yet fall into the trap of coercion, control & fear-based decisions. I recognized much of my own journey in Brett’s writing. Her style of writing is that of a warm, encouraging and very knowledgeable friend. Continue reading the entire review here….

From MJ, WanderWonderDiscover Blog, March 15, 2011:

Teresa offers her experience, her insight, and her authentic self from her own journey from parental control to parental partnership. Her writing is informative, clear, and cites valuable research on how dominance damages children. Continue reading the entire review here….


From Sara McGrath,, June 13 and July 2, 2011:
As I read thru Teresa Graham Brett’s Parenting for Social Change, I kept highlighting “the most important point,” but then I would encounter another thought-provoking idea that felt deeply right despite going against common belief or practice. Continue reading the entire review here….