Unlearning Insecurity and Worry

When we get caught up in insecurity and worry,
we’re in a swirl where we become disconnected from our inner voice and our intuition.
But that doesn’t serve us, our the children in our lives.

Check out these three tips on how to unlearn insecurity and worry. Then let me know what you think below..


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Bonus PDF: Unlearning Insecurity & Worry

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4 Comments on “Unlearning Insecurity and Worry

  1. Teresa, I have never thought of the possibility that I learned how to be insecure or that I learned to worry. But when I think back on my childhood – it’s so obvious that I did. A huge weight has been lifted. Thank you.

    • Jeff, you are so welcome! It was such a relief to me when I began to unravel all of this and I love sharing this with others. We can easily fall into the trap that there is something “wrong” with us for feeling insecure and worrying, and yet because we learned it, we have the power within us to shift our views and transform.

  2. When I don’t know what to do I can always ask my child “what do you need or what can I do to help you?” Most of the time that helps us. In the other times, we just stop & reflect on what we are feeling. You’re helping us learn that we’ve all learned patterns about worrying. It’s true even though it never occurred to me that that is also a learned childhood pattern! Thanks!

    • Christine, what a great question to ask a child. And I love your practice of just stopping and reflecting together. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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