Does absolute power corrupt parents?

Children are born powerful.

They are strongly connected to their inner power. They initially express their feelings, needs, and wants openly and with a strong connection to their inner voice, power, and authority.

But, our dominant cultural view of parenting convinces us that children must disconnect from this power if they are to accept outside authority figures and be able function within the institutions in our society.

We grew up in this system as well. In the same way that we are taught to not trust the children in our lives, we learned to not trust ourselves.

The power that is given by society to adults, the power that is used to control children, is a corruption of inner power and wisdom.

Societal power makes us believe we are better than children merely because we are adults. This power convinces us that we should do things to children “for their own good.”

We believe we have the right to act unilaterally and impose our will on children.

This corrupted power tells us when we become adults we get to be in charge.

And, when the children in our lives challenge this, we react by diminishing their inner power.

We believe that the power and responsibility conferred upon us by society requires us to toughen up children so they can make it in a tough world.

We believe that if children are to be successful as adults, they must disconnect from their own inner power and be able to follow those in authority.

All of these beliefs are lies.

In fact, it is when we are connected to our inner power that we are the most successful, happy, and whole as human beings.

When we are connected to our own inner power, we know this kind of societal power is based in fear.

Fear-based power is absolute power and it is this absolute power that corrupts us as parents.

It’s time to reject the use of absolute power with children, with anyone.

Let’s remember those glimmers and moments as we were growing up when we were strongly connected to who we were, our inner power. Remember what it felt like?

These were the times when we did listen to our inner voices.

When we found the strength to stand for what we believed in.

When we chose not to believe the lies we heard about ourselves or others.

When we are connected to our inner power, we have a sense of well-being. We are clear about who we really are.

We know unconditionally that our value does not lie in what we do or produce, but in being human. We know that there is more to life than just pleasing others.

We move out from ourselves from a grounded and whole place.

Isn’t this what we really want for the children in our lives?

Connecting to our inner power does not diminish another person’s power. In fact, we are able to celebrate someone else’s connection to her inner power because we can see the beauty of the connection. We are not threatened by it.

So when the children in our lives speak their truth, firmly connected to their inner power and authority, we celebrate this because we know they are being true to who they are.

We reconnect to our inner power and wisdom in order to create space for children to remain connected to their inner power and wisdom. We are confident in their ability to use this inner power to create mutual relationships based on trust because we are able to create those relationships with the children in our lives.

Celebrate true power…

The power that comes from being whole,

The power that comes from being connected,

The power that comes from loving ourselves and others unconditionally.

It is from this power that we create a place for all of us to live fully and freely.